Magic with Matt Hollywood at Dreamworld Easter 2014

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Today we took the kids to Dreamworld (again). We are blessed with annual passes (seriously worth every penny!) so we decided to visit today to see the magic show by Matt Hollywood and enjoy everything else Dreamworld has to offer. When I say we, I mean my listings editor and proof reader and their families which include our assortment of children aged 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7!

Annual passes really are awesome – I cant recommend them nearly enough to you. They are such a worthwhile investment. We always get swift entry with them and head straight to our favourite rides. Today we let the children take a turn at deciding which rides they wanted and that worked out well:

Master 5: The Thunder River Rapids – a great water ride on a huge ‘tyre’ that seats 6 people… nothing too scary here so our whole party could take a ride.

rapids small

Miss 3: She’s a bit of a thrill seeker so her choice was the Log Ride – not sure I know a lot of 3 year olds who would enjoy the large, long drop at the end… but our Miss 3 always chooses this ride!

Log Ride









Master 6: Mick Doohan Motorcycles – a new favourite for Master 6 who usually prefers more gentle rides… but I have to admit this is easily my favourite too! A roller coaster riding a motor bike… it’s good and not too scary!





Miss 4: The Vintage Cars – after a brief visit with the ‘Big Red Car’ in Wiggles World Miss 4 decided she would prefer to do the driving herself, and so we headed off to the new Corroboree part of Dreamworld for lunch and the Vintage Cars. Oh what fun for little ones who like to ‘do’ the driving!





Miss 7: is also a thrill seeker so her choice was the Cyclone – the rest of the group left her to it with only her brave mother (aka Listings Editor extraordinaire) by her side!

Although we thoroughly enjoyed all the rides, what we really came for today was the Magic Show by Matt Hollywood. I could tell you all about it, but we all know that a picture tells a thousands words AND Master 6 wanted to share his views…. check out our video and get yourself off to Dreamworld these school holidays to ride all the awesome rides and see this fantastic 30 minute show! Matt appears twice daily at 2.30pm and 4pm each day until 27 April 2014.


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