Life Stream

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Life Stream

Life Stream facilitates a wide range of opportunities specifically in South East Queensland for people with an intellectual disability to participate, develop skills and be active members of their communities. Life Stream believes that through participation in community activities, recreation, leisure & sport and having friendships and responsibilities, people develop all types of skills and lead healthy, active and meaningful lives.

Life Stream was established in 1984 to provide support to people with an intellectual disability to develop skills, independence and friendships.

Today, people with a broad range of disabilities and support needs access our services. People who access Life Stream services are known as Members.

An extensive range of services including holidays, leisure programs, community access and community linking, accommodation support and school sport, provides our members with improved quality of life, personal development, the opportunity to achieve, a sense of belonging and most importantly improved self esteem.

Life Stream consistently provides approximately 12,000 participation opportunities each year.

Phone: (07) 3394 4399
24 Stoneham St
Stones Corner Qld 4120