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Five Great Last Minute Gifts For Kids

Oh no! Did you leave your presents to the last minute or forget about one of your many nieces of nephews? Don’t worry, we’ve got five great ideas to make you look like the most thoughtful and creative person ever (and definitely not forgetful). We all know that money can’t buy happiness but time and attention can – spend yours with your favourite little people!

1. Personalised projects

Getting children involved with cooking

An easy last minute gift to put together is a thoughtful skill package. The idea is that you are giving both the object and a commitment to share the project with the recipient. You might get a cake mix, spatula and apron and describe how you are going to make a special cake and eat it together. A puzzle or art set is also a great option! You can talk about how you’re going to go about finishing the puzzle or creating a masterpiece. The true gift is of course your undivided attention.

2. Market coupon Christmas

Once again you are using the card to paint a picture. In this concept you pick a local market and make a number of coupons such as “Redeem for one sweet treat”, “Redeem for one interesting thing”, “Redeem for one ride or facepaint”. This last minute gifts idea is that you share the adventure through the market experiencing different stalls, all led by the child. You could even be adventurous and let them pick your snacks or facepaint design!

3. Activity box subscription

Maybe it’s unrealistic/ not possible to devote a day to hanging with your little bud- don’t worry, we’ve thought of you! Let your tiny person know you are thinking of them with an activity box subscription. Whether they are arts and crafty, technical, musical or something else there are activity boxes you can have delivered to their door with tons of fun and creative activities to keep them amused. Maybe ask them to send you the best ones! There are also some great online courses available for older kids!

Little Birdie Books offer a a themed picture book package delivered every month to your child’s home. Discover the impact of high quality picture books and purposeful play. Each month your child will receive a age appropriate book, a reading guide prepared by qualified speech pathologists and a play activity to expand their play. 

4. Memberships to local attractions

In Brisbane and on the Gold Coast there are no shortage of theme parks which offer annual subscriptions. Likewise there are wildlife parks, museums and science centres or even holiday courses in music, dance, drama and robotics you could arrange. Then every time they visit these special places they remember your thoughtful gift and the fun they have there is associated with you, if you didn’t take them personally.

5. Tickets To A Performance

Queensland is bursting with fantastic music and theatre performances over the school holidays. Why not grab a ticket to an amazing family show and take them in January? That way they get the gift twice, the excitement of opening the present and then the joy of the experience. Whether your child loves TV celebrities, action and adventure shows, singing and dancing or storytelling there are so many classic and new shows to choose from. Plus the excitement of heading to the city for a show will create unforgettable Christmas memories they’ll cherish in years to come.

If you don’t want to waste your money on some disposable plastic toy or well-intentioned but super boring wooden play object then try one of these suggestions and share the results with us!

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