Buying Kids Clothing Online? READ THIS FIRST

Buying Kids Clothing Online? READ THIS FIRST
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Online shopping can be a godsend for time-poor mums, but be warned there are traps you need to watch out for when buying kids clothing online.

For the most part, online shopping is convenient, safe and cost effective. You can snap up bargains, shop from your favourite stores, secure the latest Disney merchandise, or find something different from what you see every second kid wearing. Best of all, you don’t have to drag screaming kids around a shopping centre.

You need to have your smarts about you when buying online however to avoid falling victim to poor quality products and fake businesses keen to take you for a ride.

Kids clothing sizes

Clothing made overseas can have different sizing to Australia. Conversion charts vary across sites, so take your child’s measurements and compare them with what’s available online. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a size 3-4 only to find it’s a snug fit on your one-year-old.


Reputable online clothing stores should specify the fabric of the item you’re purchasing. Be confident that you know exactly what you’re buying. You want kids clothing that washes well, is durable and season appropriate.

Designer rip-offs

Whether it’s a Frozen dress or Paw Patrol t-shirt, your kid won’t stop begging you until they have it. You don’t have to look far to find online stores stocking unofficial versions of these popular brands to differing levels of quality. Be wary of blurry images that don’t show the true design or quality of the item and prices that appear significantly lower than others.

If you’re chasing cheap designer clothes for your kids, look for sales from the brand rather than risk purchasing a poor imitation.

Payment system

Only pay for your kids clothing online with a secure payment service. The url should begin with https rather than http and have a padlock symbol. If you’re asked to pay via a wire transfer or money order, alarm bells should be ringing.

Check out our article on identity theft to see what to do when someone steals your details. 

Repairs, replacements and refunds

If you purchase outside of Australia, you may not be able to return or replace the item you have purchased. Read the refunds policy before you buy and ensure the company provides sufficient methods of contact.

Choose local designers

Support local designers that either make kids clothing to sell online or source quality clothing from overseas. Many local designers outsource the production of their clothing overseas, but choose the fabric, design and sizing to ensure a quality product.

A good online store

A good online store is user-friendly with clear images, descriptions of the product, sizing and a secure checkout. It will include details on returns, refunds and replacements. Postage will be reasonable and it will include contact details.

Consumer rights

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission offers advice for buying online, including how to protect your rights and spot scammers.

If you do your research and shop wisely, you can find quality kids clothing online saving you time, stress and money.

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