Indarra Equestrian Centre – CLOSED

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Horse Riding for Kids | Indarra Equestrian Centre – this centre is no longer in operation. 

Indarra Equestrian Centre is no longer in operation. Find other places to take your Brisbane kid horse riding here.

I’ve always been personally interested in horse riding – from a 1st X Quarter horse when I was 12, to an Arabian Show horse when I was 15, I have always been keen on our larger 4 legged friends. So it came as no surprise when my 6 year old started requesting visits to stables and rides on horses at country markets.

As we no longer have horses of our own, I decided to look up places in Brisbane where younger children can horse ride. I was pleased to find Indarra Equestrian Centre at Wellington Point not only allowed my 6 year old to ride, but encouraged younger riders.

Directions to Indarra:

We went on a Saturday with a friend. I was impressed right from the start with directions to find the centre that were clear to follow Go down Station St, turn right straight after the railway line bridge, go down a short, steep hill. At the bottom of the hill turn right into Sawmill Drive. After approximately 800 metres Sawmill Drive becomes Bibury St, keep driving through the new residential estate to find Indarra Equestrian at the end of Bibury St.’

Spot on!

Once we were there we headed over to the building in the centre of the area and found a table and indemnity forms to complete with pens. There were a few others there having lessons and the instructors looked interested and knowledgeable. When it was our turn the children were given their correct sized helmets and escorted to their ponies and introduced.

Horse riding Brisbane2

The horse riding lesson:

The children had a 45 minute lesson which was exactly the right amount of time. They spent time in the arena and then walked around the perimeter of the centre on their new friends. Everything was explained clearly and the instructor was very good with them.

When we asked the children what they thought of their experience master 6 said ‘I didn’t like it, I LOVED it!’ Young Miss 7 was equally impressed. They both wanted to come back the following weekend to ride again…

Watch to see how lovely and quiet these horses really are!

Quiet, well looked after horses, experienced staff, well-kept stables and paddocks – and in the Greater Brisbane area. We definitely WILL be back to visit the horses and take another ride on our new found friends!

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2 responses to “Indarra Equestrian Centre – CLOSED”

  1. Jonelle says:

    How much is a lesson for a 6yr old and are there places in the school holidays?

  2. niki says:

    My girls 12 & 14 yrs will be visiting me for a month at xmas holidays and would love to go horse riding.
    They currently ride, tack up, groom, feed and love their favourite gorses/ponies at Patti’s party ponies in NSW central coast twoce a week and have been doing so now for approximately 18 months and would love to do some riding while up here on holidays.
    I would love to know more about your establishment rules and requirements and if all your riding visitors are just led around as they are taught and riding or if they are allowed to ride their mounts by themselves but supervised of course and if you would give me an idea of pricing and length of ride times please that would be very much appreciated.
    I look forward to your reply.
    Niki Tydeman.

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