Hinterland Christian College – Parent Fact Sheet

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Is your family considering Hinterland Christian College? Read our parent fact sheet to help you make the best decision.

Why choose Hinterland Christian College?

At Hinterland Christian College you will find a co-educational learning environment that ranges from prep to year 10. Students who complete year 10 at Hinterland Christian College are guaranteed a place at the parent school – Summerland Christian College in Lismore.

This is a community where individuality, equality and healthy relationships are paramount. The twin values of integrity and living with purpose are similarly embraced. All students are encouraged to achieve their personal bests in all areas of learning. Staff report a pleasant, stress-free, safe space that fosters a very unique educational experience. There are small class sizes at Hinterland Christian College which means a very personal and individualised approach to learning.

What sporting and co-curricular options are there at Hinterland Christian College?

Due to the unique nature of the educational environment of Hinterland Christian College, you will find that the variety of sports and co-curricular or extra-curricular activities varies depending on student interest and ability. If this is an area of interest for your family, you may want to save your questions for when you are on an individual tour. This will ensure you receive the most accurate response possible.

What are the public transport options to Hinterland Christian College?

There is limited public transportation in this area.

What are the school fees per term?

There is a general tuition fee of $545 per term but there are assorted other levies. A discount will apply for subsequent children from the same family and there are bursaries available.

What are the boarding options at Hinterland Christian College?

There are no boarding options at Hinterland Christian College.

Does Hinterland Christian College offer scholarships and how do we apply?

Hinterland Christian College does not offer scholarships but there are some bursaries available for families. You can find out more details during a personal interview where your family circumstances would be taken into account.

Make sure you book a personalised tour of Hinterland Christian College to see these wonderful facilities and educational practices in action.


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