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To inspire your 2018, we’ve asked 6 Australian families who ‘prioritise traveling’ to tell us how and why they travel with kids. Julie from Have Wheelchair, Will Travel is our fifth family

Tell us a bit about your family

We are a family of four which includes our son Braeden, 22 years, and daughter Amelia, 15 years old. We have an added challenge when we travel as a family as our son lives with cerebral palsy and is a wheelchair user. Be assured, this doesn’t stop us from finding plenty of fun accessible activities, we just have to research them more thoroughly to ensure they’ll be suitable for us all.

Tell us where you are right now

We live in Sydney.

Where have you traveled to as a family?

We have traveled extensively around Australia, to New Zealand, the South Pacific and the USA.

Why have you made traveling a priority?

As a child, I traveled for extended periods with my parents and loved it. I then went on to work in the travel industry and now work as a travel writer. Travel is in our blood and I think it helps to bond and connect our family. Day-to-day we have many doctor’s appointments and therapy to attend so looking forward to a holiday keeps us all going.

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How do you afford to travel?

We compromise when we travel. We may save in one area, like self-catering, but splurge on a special experience or activity.

Where is your favourite family holiday and why?

I think Disneyland would have to be my choice. It’s the one place where adults embrace their inner child and kids see their parents in a different light. It’s wonderful to see families enjoying the Happiest Place on Earth together.

When traveling, no parent should be without…

Whatever makes your child happy at home. If that’s their favourite toy, cuddle rug or book, take it with you.

If you could inspire another family to travel, what would you say?

Kids grow up quickly. Make memories and spend time together now and you’ll always have a great bond.

We are always looking for cheap holidays for families. What’s your hot tip for our readers?

I’ve always been a 5-star loving girl but cabins in holiday parks are a great way to holiday. They often have a prime location in holiday areas, you have more space, many are accessible, and you can self-cater if needed.

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