How to Grow Flowers in Brisbane with Kids

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Growing Flowers

Second column from our ‘Gardening with Brisbane Kids’ expert and Nashville State School Prep Teacher, Sue McKenzie.

Growing flowers is a very satisfying experience for both children and adults who enjoy gardening.  If you wish to start gardening on a small scale you simply need a reasonable sized pot, over 30cm diameter and some good quality potting mix. If your children are the patient types you may like to choose from one of the many gardening seed mixes available and simply follow the instructions on the pack as to the depth to sow.  Don’t forget to put your pot in a sunny spot and remember to water it regularly. You should have some shoots appear between 2 and 4 weeks after planting.

Gardening with Seedlings

For a more instant result consider purchasing some seedlings from your nearest nursery or hardware. Your plants will already have a head start and should begin to grow immediately. Remember to check the recommended growing conditions on the tag when selecting a location for your pot.

Variety of flowers that are easy for young ones who like gardening

At Nashville State School we love gardening and particularly love growing Snapdragons as they are fun to pick and the children can make them “talk” like puppets by squeezing either side of the flower. We have also had great results with miniature daisies, sunflowers, coreopsis, petunias and sunjewels. These are all easy to grow with minimum care, and give a pretty result. The children like nothing better than picking a flower for a parent or teacher and with these abundantly flowering varieties it is easy to do. Growing flowers is a fun and easy way to learn about nature and to beautify your surroundings.

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