Football Clubs Ipswich – Places for Little Footy Lovers to Get Kicking!

Football Clubs Ipswich
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When it comes to football clubs, Ipswich has plenty of them including Rugby League, Rugby Union, Aussie Rules, Soccer and even OZ Tag, all with junior leagues for kids to enjoy.

But which one are you going to sign up to?  It’s a very personal choice and quite often children and their families lean towards a code that they have grown up with, perhaps their brother, sister or father played the game. Some families may prefer a game with less contact such as soccer or OZ Tag, others may be OK with the contact of rugby and the efforts put in by clubs to make it a safe sport. But if you’re still unsure, consider it this way. Whichever code you select, your child will:

  1. Become more active
  2. Will have new role models
  3. Learn to lose
  4. Learn to win and the rewards involved
  5. Learn to be part of a team
  6. Learn what it’s like to be cheered upon by you on the sideline
  7. Become part of a new community
  8. Make lifetime friends

Rugby League Football Clubs, Ipswich

Brothers Ipswich

Juniors U6 to U17. Located at Wildey Street, Raceview. Click here.

North Ipswich Leagues Club

U6 to U15. Located at Pelican Street, North Ipswich. Click here.

Rugby Union Football Clubs, Ipswich

Ipswich Rangers Rugby Union Club

U6 to U17. Located at Woodend Park, Woodend, Ipswich. Click here.

OZ Tag Ipswich

U6 to U15. Located at Woodend Park, Woodend, Ipswich. Click here.

AFL Football Clubs, Ipswich

Ipswich Cats Junior AFL Club

Auskick up to 6 years, Junior U6 to U11 and Youth U12 to U16. Located at Ivor Marsden Sports Centre, Amberley. Click here.

Soccer Clubs, Ipswich

Ipswich Knights Soccer

Minis 3-5 years, Small Sided Football U6 to U11, Junior U12 to U16. Located at Bundamba and Ebbw Vale. Click here.

Ipswich City Football Club

Subway Squirts U3, MiniRoos 4-11 years and U12 to U17. Located at Sutton Park, Brassall. Click here.

Western Spirit Soccer

Juniors 3 -17 years. Located at Camira Recreation Reserve and Kippen Park, Goodna. Click here.

Springfield United Football Club

Little Springers 3-5 years, U9, U11 and U12. Located at Woodcrest College, Springfield. Click here.

Colleges United Football Club

Juniors 5 – 18 years. Located at Mt. Crosby Sports Ground. Click here.

A comprehensive list of football clubs, Ipswich is bound to have a team to cater for your child where their confidence will develop and they’ll have the experience of a lifetime.

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