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Family Mediation Service: Help During Tough Times

QUT’s Family Mediation Service provides a much-needed lifeline for families when they need it most. Are you, or is someone you know, going through a difficult time? Could this be the affordable answer you’ve been looking for?

QUT’s Family Mediation Brisbane Service

The Family Mediation Service provides high-quality dispute resolution assistance in a caring and supportive environment that can be accessed by families in Brisbane as well as other members of the public, QUT staff and students.

What is mediation?

Mediation, also known as family dispute resolution, is a process that helps people discuss their issues, listen to each other’s perspectives and make their own decisions. The mediator is an independent person who helps to clarify the issues, keep the discussion focused and write up any agreement reached.

What issues can be discussed during Family Mediation Brisbane Service?

Family mediation can assist separating couples, or other family members work out arrangements for children, child support, property and finances.  The issues that can be discussed include:

  • Living arrangements for children and young people
  • How children will maintain a meaningful relationship with their parents
  • How parents will make important decisions for their children, such as about schooling
  • Division of property and finances
  • Financial support for children
  • How children will maintain relationships with significant others, such as grandparents
  • Care and financial arrangements for elderly family members
  • How to resolve family issues that are already in court
family mediation brisbane

Who are the mediators?

Family Mediation Service is provided by mediators who are accredited under the National Mediation Standards and who are undertaking specialised family mediation training. They mediate under the supervision of experienced and accredited family dispute resolution practitioners. Brisbane Family Lawyers with specialist qualifications may also act as mediators.

Who attends the mediation?

The people attending family mediation can include:

  • Parents of children wanting to sort out parenting arrangements
  • Separated couples who are wanting to discuss property and financial matters
  • Family members who are in conflict
  • Grandparents or other family members, such as step-parents, seeking to maintain relationships with children

What are the advantages of Family Mediation Brisbane Service?

  • Mediation provides a far quicker, less expensive alternative to court
  • Parents are the best people to make decisions about their children as they can tailor arrangements to suit their individual needs
  • Parent relationships are more positive after mediation than post-court proceedings.
  • Participation in mediation allows former partners to make their own decisions about how to divide their property and organise their financial arrangements
  • People are assisted to have discussions in an informal and caring environment

How do I organise family mediation in Brisbane?

If you feel comfortable you should contact the other party and see if they will agree to participate. If you don’t feel comfortable contacting the other party the Family Mediation Service can contact them for you.

What if the other party won’t attend?

Mediation can only go ahead if all parties cooperate and commit to attending and discussing the relevant issues.  If the other party won’t agree to participate you can seek legal advice.

In parenting cases, can an S60I certificate be issued?

At the end of a family dispute resolution about parenting arrangements for children, a s60I family dispute resolution certificate can be issued, if needed. This certificate is valid for 12 months and can be filed in court if necessary.

What if my case is already in the family court?

It is never too late, as even if your case is already in court you can still mediate, provided that the other party will agree to attend and your case is suitable.

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