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BEST Escape Rooms in Brisbane | Families Review

If you are looking for the best Best Escape Rooms in Brisbane we’ve got your list. Check out our overview of the latest craze to hit Australia, puzzled room escape is here now and waiting for your family to check it out!

If you’re looking for another family challenge, why not try a Brisbane scavenger hunt.

What are escape rooms?

Escape rooms are a real-life puzzle experience where a small team are locked in a themed room and must work together to escape. Everything around you could be a clue. Find hidden objects, solve riddles, crack clues and beat the clock to escape the room. (But don’t worry – they let you out either way!)

Best Escape Rooms in Brisbane

Our tips for finding the best escape room to suit your family is to do your homework! All puzzle rooms are not created equally! Some are scary and some are for older kids. We’ve listed them with the most up to date information here:

Fox in a Box Brisbane

Fox in a Box Bunker
Fox in a Box Bunker

Fox in a Box has six escape rooms to choose from, all varying in theme and complexity. Can you prevent an all-out nuclear war in the Bunker?, find a cure in the Zombie Lab?, escape from the Zodiac Killer?, discover Tesla’s last invention before the FBI do?, or break out of one of two prison cells during a riot?!

Fox in a Box escape rooms are timed at 60 minutes with six participants to a room – or go head-to-head with a team of twelve to see who can escape their prison cell first. If you’re going in with teenagers or feel you may need a little help, you can ask for a few extra hints to be left in the room before you enter.  

Special Offer!

Fox in a Box is offering Families Magazine readers 20% off a booking for 2-12 children throughout September/October 2020. Enter or mention code FamiliesMagazine20 when booking to save! All games must be booked and played before 31 October, 2020.

Fox in a Box is located at 150 Edward Street, Brisbane. Find out more here.

Escape Manor Brisbane

Escape Manor has three different rooms with three different themes. You get to choose your own adventure. Each  adventure has its own set of diabolical challenges, each more fiendishly clever than the last… You get locked in with your family and/or friends… the door slams shut behind you and you’re locked in! Explore the room to discover clues. You have 45 minutes to work together to find the key to get out before … some of the rooms are creepy/scary, so this one might be suitable for those families with older children. Kids aged 16 and under must have a parent with them.

Located at 51 Edward St, Brisbane you can find out more about their puzzle rooms here.

Quest Room Brisbane

Quest Room is a new concept of reality games. When you visit one of their rooms you will find yourself captured by a maniac, solving terror plot in 19th Century London or in another unusual place. In order to complete the game and open the final door, you will need to use logic and imagination to solve puzzles and quests. And you only have 60 minutes to do it. Or lose.

The game can be played by groups of 2 to 5 people. Minimum age requirement being 15. There is no upper age limit – you can bring grandma out for a good time. You can find them at 13 Cordelia St,  South Brisbane or click here.

Strike Bowling Escape Rooms

With three rooms to choose from, The Garden, Forensic and The Red Manor, you will participate with your family or friends (2 – 6 players) to escape from their real-life puzzle experience. You will be locked in the themed room of your choice and you must work together to escape. It’s testing, it’s tricky, it’s fun with a twist. One room. One team. 50 minutes. Work with your team to find hidden objects, solve riddles, crack clues and beat the clock to escape the room. Suitable for kids 14 and older. You can find them at Level 1 Wintergarden, Queen Street Mall, Brisbane or click here.

Escape Hunt Experience Brisbane

The Escape Hunt Experience Brisbane offers a true “experience” where you are transported to another era and play the part of a famous London detective trying to solve a unique mystery. As a team, you play against the clock in one of their rooms to solve the challenge and thereby find your escape. Their adventures last around 90 minutes – after a short briefing you play your 60 minute game. Afterwards, you can chat about your experience in their lounge over refreshments and then dress up in special outfits for photos.

In a world of personal gadgets and online experience, this is a special opportunity to spend some amazing time with your family.  An adventure in this puzzle room will give you memories that you will treasure for many years to come!

Children under 7 years of age are not counted as participants but are welcome in the rooms with older detectives.  If children are between the ages of 7 and 15 Escape Hunt Experience require at least one participant in the room to be 15 years of age or older to help assist and supervise the younger players.  All of their escape rooms have a maximum capacity of 6 participants.

You will find them at 77 Russell St, West End or visit their website.

Puzzled Room Brisbane

Best Escape Rooms in Brisbane

Puzzled Room Escape offers an unique thrill of interactive real-world adventure that will challenge your mind. Participants in a group enter a room to solve a series of mysteries where clues are rewarded as they successfully decipher each puzzle. As the game progresses, they will learn the enthralling story behind each theme and ultimately unlock the door to their escape.

They recommend an age of 15+ if kids want to play by themselves. Children under 7 must be accompanied by a parent / guardian and there must be at least 1 player over the age of 15. You can find them at 5/1177 Logan Rd, Holland Park West or on their website.

Fort Locks

They lock you up in a mysterious room, and give you exactly 60 precious minutes to free yourselves. The task at hand is not easy at all. You will only succeed with creativity, imagination and ingenuity. If you are able to work together as a team and solve fun riddles and puzzles effectively then – and only then – will you have a chance to conquer your greatest enemy: time. Will you make it out before the time is up? There is only one way to find out. Suitable for families with kids aged 12 and above. Find them here.

Seraphim Escape Rooms

An evil sorceress is plotting to destroy the Enchanted Forest. She has trapped the Fairy Queen and her three daughters in jars. It is your job to free the fairies and escape the forest before the hour is up, so that the Fairy Queen can restore the forest and banish the sorceress. This Escape Room is a beginner level and is even designed for the enjoyment of children. It will be challenging for adults, but there are also plenty of things for children to do. Find out more on their website.


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