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Families Fun at the NEW Eat Street Markets, Northshore! What’s there?!

Eat Street Markets Northshore is a brand new location designed to allow everyone, especially families, to enjoy this spectacular cultural and food phenomenon! Have you been to the new one yet?

This $400 million dollar project is designed to create an expansion that not only showcases the delicious eats but also provides great entertainment and an influx of local jobs. (Families Magazine tip – Try the GOZLEME from Gozleme World. Ask for Gali. Trust us.) From store vendors to cleaners to entertainers to builders – so many people are benefiting from this fabulous initiative. Will your family be there soon?

Here are the plans for the final product. You can already visit Northshore to take in some music and sample a huge variety of food but there’s still plenty more to come…

Eat Street Markets move, birdseye view of development plan
Eat Street Market Proposed Expansion. Eat Street Markets are moving east!


Where are the New Eat Street Markets located?

The original Eat Street Markets were opened in 2013 and this new development is definitely a big step up. The new site will continue to use the shipping containers we know from the existing location but is further along MacArthur Avenue towards the mouth of the river.

There are private shipping containers that you can book for groups, an actual BOAT in the middle of the markets, stages, bars, an outdoor cinema and more food stalls than you could poke a stick at! The stalls are now arranged according to cuisine which is really helpful if you’re in the mood for something specific.

The parking is way more straight-forward than at the old site and there’s a LOT more of it! Much easier to get around. Careful planning with the goal of everyone having a great time has gone into this design – we think it’s much less stressful than it used to be! You’re looking at a site of about 10,200 square metres!

Still in development… what’s in the works for Eat Street Markets?

Proposed Adventure Park

The adventure park is proposed to occupy a 5,300sq.m site. This park will be able to accommodate up to 50 participants and 350 guests viewing or for functions. Weekly visitation is planned to be around 1,000 participants per week. The sessions are planned to average between one to two hours, with short 15 minute experiences also available.

The park is planned to be developed as 50 to 60 shipping containers with connecting bridges, decks, elevated viewing areas and attachments to support the adventures, two marquee structures, office, kitchen, cold rooms and toilets, ladder systems, sculptures and the adventures/dynamic games themselves.

Families will be well catered for at the park with the plans including mazes, abseiling, luge, food venues, bars, outdoor bowling, basketball hoops, a produce garden and possibly a zipline.  The typical hours of operation will be 10am to midnight, seven days a week. However the park may close early if there are no evening bookings, early and mid-week.

This is all in addition to the great family experience that is introducing kids to different cultural foods and tastes. A healthy kid is one who has a diverse palate – what better way to encourage healthy eating and choices than a trip to Eat Street markets?

Eat Street Markets – Proposed Attractions

The Shed

The Shed is a proposed urban winery and/or micro-brewery, occupying a 1,200sq.m site. It will be an additional eating and drinking location, operating five to seven days a week, with the peak use times being the weekend evenings (coinciding with the Eat Street Markets).

The Factories

The Factories will include three key tenants:


Clenergy TeamArrow is a Queensland based team that competes in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, a biennial solar-powered car race between Darwin and Adelaide. The race provides a chance to showcase advances in solar technologies as well as to highlight a commitment to a sustainable future.

Men’s Shed

The River City Men’s Shed (Men’s Shed) was incorporated in June 2013 under the auspices of the Australian Men’s Shed Association. The primary aim of the shed is to encourage older generation men to take an interest in their own health and wellbeing. The Men’s Shed provides an environment which is both safe and busy, where members can either learn new skills or pass on their own particular skills to others.

Among the projects the Shed has undertaken in the past 12 months are the production of native bees boxes, possum boxes and bird boxes, as well as garden planter stands suitable for use by disabled and wheelchair bound people and the collection and delivery of horse manure. The Men’s Shed also participates in BBQ fundraising activities at outlets such as Bunnings and Masters.


The Hackerspace community connects ‘makers’, tinkerers and industry professionals to tools, mentorship, facilitating collaboration and innovation. It has active subgroups that participate in woodworking, metalworking, blacksmithing, costuming, electronics, programming, engineering, 3D printing, laser cutting, drones, photography, science, education and much more.

Produce Garden

A produce garden is also proposed for the site. The garden will operate five to seven days a week, primarily during daytime hours.

Temporary Event Usage in Car Park

Temporary events (short-term pop up events) are planned to be run when the markets and/or adventure park are not operating. If the temporary event is planned when either the markets or adventure park are operating, it will be conditional on associated car parking capacity. The temporary events are planned to be hosted in the tarmacs (normally used to accommodate Eat Street Market car parking). 

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