Sciencentre Sciensensory Day | Social Story

Measure Island has opened at the Sciencentre in Brisbane City, and is on until 5th February, 2017. The exhibit expands the minds of young and old in an effort to all ages thinking about the different ways things can be […]

BMX, Skateboard or Scooter – The Ultimate Brisbane Adventure!

OK, we’ve found it, the ULTIMATE place to BMX, Skateboard or Scoot in Brisbane for kids! BMX Park?  Check! Scooter and Skateboard Ramp?  Check! Playgrounds? Check! Hidden secret worlds? Check! Climbing trees?  Check! Extreme train experiences? Check! Wildlife?  Check! Check […]

Rudeness vs Being Mean vs Bullying A4 Poster

Interactions with others can be confusing. Sometimes what is considered bullying, may in fact be something else? Bullying is a repetitive behaviour that is designed to intentionally hurt or belittle another person. It’s good to teach our kids these differences. […]

FREE Australia Day Downloadables

Teach the kids a little about Australian history as well as entertain them this Australia Day! These activity sheets are free to download, just click the preview below!

Christmas Downloadables | FREE Printables for Christmas!

Get into the Christmas Spirit with these Christmas activity sheets! Free to download, just click to download whichever you desire.

Christmas To Do Checklist

Keep your Christmas in order with this handy checklist created by Families Magazine! To Download, simply click on the Preview below and Save the document on your computer!

Halloween Downloadable

Halloween is nearly upon us so download this Halloween worksheet for the kids to play with this Halloween!

Father’s Day Downloadables

This Father’s Day, let Dad know how special he is! Download and print these activity sheets for the kids! FREE, just click to download.

Queensland Museum Downloadables

Print and take along these activity sheets on your next trip to the Queensland Museum! FREE! Just click to download!

Anzac Day Downloadables

Teach the kids who the ANZACs were with these activity sheets! Free to download, just click to download whichever you desire.