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Which are the DEADLIEST ANIMALS in Australia? If you’re doing an assignment, just curious or if you’re trying to scare a friend from overseas – this is the list for you! Hint – they’re in and around the water!

Australia’s Deadliest Animals are in the sea!

If you’re a little nervous about bumping into some of Australia’s deadliest animals, we definitely suggest you stay out of the water!

That’s where you’ll find…

1. The Box Jellyfish

These guys have a 10/10 danger rating. They’re found in northern Australia during the summer. The bell on the top of them has four corners. They’ve also got clusters of stinging tentacles that stretch over two metres long. They’re SUPER dangerous so make sure you look out for warning signs and obey them. They like to hang out in murky water close to the shore – just where people like to splash and swim! Eeek!

We’ve got a whole article on jellyfish over here if that’s your thing. Not sure why it would be, though!

deadliest animals box jellyfish


2. Irukandji Jellyfish

So tiny. So deadly. This is a littler version of the box jellyfish that can have a bell the size of a fingernail and tentacles one metre long. They’re mostly found around the coastlines in deeper water than their bigger, meaner cousins.

3. Bull Shark

Da na. Daaaaaa na. Da nanananananananan DANANANANA. STAY OUTTA THE WATER. Bull sharks are one of Australia’s deadliest animals. They’re found all over the world along the coast, in harbours and rivers. (And, as legend has it, even the Brisbane River!). This shark is a scavenger AND a predator which makes it especially dangerous. Keep your tootsies out of the water!

deadliest animals bull shark

4. Saltwater Crocodile

Jeepers creepers, these scare us the most! Salties are renowned for being deadly killers. They’re found in the northern parts of Australia and they are PROLIFIC (meaning there’s a lot of them). If you’re headed up there, listen to what the locals say and take precautions. These guys are REALLY good at sneaking up on people…

Australia’s DEADLIEST animals!

What other deadly animals have you learned about? Did you find some on land as well?! Argh! Scare us silly in the comments!

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