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Buderim Falls (aka Serenity Falls) and Buderim Forest Park with Kids

Just a short drive north of Brisbane, you will find the beautiful Buderim Falls also known as the Serenity Falls Buderim. We visited this Buderim waterfall recently with kids so we can tell you what you need to know about getting there, enjoying the Buderim Forest walk and falls and what to expect during your visit.

We noted on the signage, the falls are referred to as the “waterfall”, often without the actual name of the falls. But if you look carefully some of the signs the falls are named “Serenity Falls”. However, most people know this walk and the Buderim waterfalls simply as Buderim Falls.

Buderim Forest Park is a 45 hectare rainforest housing wildlife, a babbling creek, multiple waterfalls of various sizes and gorgeous green plants and trees to ensure you get your nature fix appeased while you walk. The waterfall area was purchased and is managed by the Sunshine Coast Council.

Some history the Buderim area

Buderim Forest and Falls as well as the town of Buderim on the Sunshine Coast was inhabited by Aboriginal Kabbi Kabbi (Gubbi Gubbi) people when first contact with Europeans was made in the 1820s. The name Buderim is derived from the Aboriginal word ‘badderam’ meaning honeysuckle (a type of Banksia), a plant which grew abundantly around the plateau.

Getting to Buderim Waterfall & Buderim Forest Park

To get to Buderim Falls, simply head north up the M1 Motorway from Brisbane. Take exit 194 from M1 and follow the directions below to Buderim Forest Park & Falls.

Where do I park at Buderim Falls – 2 options

There are two options for parking at Buderim Falls. The one that the directions above take you to are the Quorn Close car park. The other option is to park in Harry’s Lane.

The Quorn Close carpark will allow you to walk directly to the main waterfall area through the Buderim rainforest – it is about a 350 metres walk downhill along a forest path. Just a reminder that what goes down must come up… you will be walking uphill back to your car. There are however, more parking spaces here.

The alternative car park is off Lindsay Road along Harry’s Lane and in our opinion, gives you a nicer Buderim falls walk along a less steep gradient to the falls. This also gives you easy access to the boardwalk. This is where we parked so we could show you the forest walk including the boardwalk.

Buderim Forest Park with kids

After parking in Harry’s Lane, you can wander past the Buderim Falls cafe called Harry’s on Buderim cafe (closed when we were there) towards to boardwalk…

You will enter the boardwalk, which is around 600 metres long, and suitable for wheelchairs.

Buderim Forest Park boardwalk

It is an easy stroll along the boardwalk through the first 600 metres of the rainforest. Here you can enjoy the greenery and watch the babbling Martin Creek as it meanders through the rainforest. 

Take some time to stop at the breakout areas to listen to the birds and spot the wildlife.

Buderim Forest walk to the waterfall

If you are heading to the waterfall, you will leave the boardwalk after 600 metres and start walking along a rocky path. Note that this path is NOT suitable for wheelchairs or people with walking disabilities. This is because parts of the path look like this….

However, along the 1300 metre walk to the waterfall you will be treated with the delights of a serene rainforest bush walk. 

Waterfall in Buderim

After an enjoyable amble along the creek side, and at the end of the 1300 metre walk you will be delighted with the 10 metre high waterfall….

Can you swim at Buderim Falls?

Yes, you ‘can’ swim at Buderim Falls. You will find people swimming at the Buderim waterfall. However, the advice is NOT to swim here. This is because Martins Creek, that is the source of the waterfalls, passes through many urban developments and stormwater drains to reach the falls. No one can guarantee what is in the water and despite many people swimming here on the day we visited, we decided not to swim.

How long is Buderim Falls walks?

From the Quorn Close carpark it is a 350 metre walk to the Buderim waterfall and it takes approximate 10 minutes.

From the Harry’s Lane carpark it is a 1300 metre walk to the waterfall and if, like me you are stopping to take photos and enjoy the serenity, it would take around 30 – 40 minutes.

Can dogs go to Buderim Falls?

No! Please leave your dogs at home when you visit the forest and falls.

What else do we need to know?

Facilities: None at the falls. At Quorn Close there is a car park, free public barbecues, sheltered picnic tables, a water tap, rubbish bins and toilets. At Harry’s Lane there is a cafe, lawn, free public barbecues, picnic tables, toilets, and a boardwalk.

Entrance fee: None.

Opening times: Always open.

Sun shade: Shade available at the falls. Both of the picnic areas have access to shade.

Accom: No camping.

Other waterfalls nearby to swim in

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