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Bubs n Beats | A Dance Class With A Difference

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Bubs n Beats are currently available for residences in Day Care Centres, Kindergartens and Prep. They are experts at keeping the masses entertained for one-off community and school events. 

A dance class with a difference 

Bubs n Beats was founded in 2017 by first time mums, long time dance performers and passionate school teachers Frankie and Sammie. After realising that a lot of early learning dance classes focused on ballet they wanted to offer a dance experience with a difference; a class where adults could also dance and have just as much fun as their children.

Dance, music and drama 

Baby playing with chiffon scarf

At Bubs n Beats you’re not just in a dance class but a ‘Dance Adventure’. In every ‘Adventure’ you will experience elements of music, dance and drama through immersive storytelling using songs, creative movement and object play. Each class starts with a welcome song to get to know each other, developing social interactions, rhythm and language. The dance leaders then take you on an exciting adventure that captivates the imagination of the young and young at heart. Each term explores a theme such as oceans, outer space, the jungle or camping.

For children 10 months to 5 years

Bubs n Beats At Ashgrove Kindy

Bubs n Beats’ Dance Adventures cater for all stages of development by creating an atmosphere that is gentle in its approach to engagement and accessible to all levels of ability. Children have a natural instinct to move to music; developing rhythm that acts as a foundation for language, physical coordination and social connection. Children will also practice skills such as taking turns, listening and following instructions. Over the term, dance sequences are repeated to allow for long-term memory development, however there is also space given for improvisation to allow your child’s creativity to flourish.

At Bubs n Beats you’ll love the music

Each ‘Dance Adventure’ is accompanied by a soundtrack of popular and eclectic musical genres so be prepared for beats that you will want to move to as well as your children (only the occasional nursery rhyme here!). By the end of each term you will have learnt a plethora of new dance moves to take home and create your own dance parties. 

But I don’t dance

Bubs and parents having fun

Even if you don’t see yourself as a dancer, your children will love to see you move, the social benefits of dancing with your children are immeasurable. You also get the added health benefits of some gentle exercise to great music, sure to boost those endorphins! 

Bubs n Beats is a great way to build relationships, social and physical skills and creativity but most importantly it is a great way to have fun.

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