Review – The Brunswick Heads Fairy Trail for Kids

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Beautiful, beachside Brunswick Heads in NSW’s Northern Rivers is a magical place where humans and fairies live in harmony. That’s right – fairies!

Hidden amongst the trees, streets and shops are the homes of the Brunswick Heads fairy community. Visitors are encouraged to follow the clues and track the ‘Brunswick Heads Fairy Trail’, visiting the homes that local fairies like Cap’n Pete, Gum Blossom,  Melaleuca and Miss Julianna Chookas have established in town.

Finding fairies is a wonderful way to encourage imaginative nature play and explore the outdoors. The Brunswick Heads Fairy Trail might even inspire you to make your own tiny home to encourage fairies to your garden.

Finding magic on the Brunswick Heads Fairy Trail

The Visitors Centre in Parkes Street is a great place to start your adventure


While the fairies themselves are a little shy, their beautiful homes can still be found by those who are willing to follow the clues and do a little sleuthing. The friendly volunteers at the Vistors Centre in Parkes Street are more than happy to steer you in the right direction to find your first fairy, and after that you just need to follow the clues.

If the Visitor’s Centre is closed, you can find some hints on the Brunswick Heads Fairy Trails Facebook page too.

Fun for all ages on the fairy trail

Parents, grandparents, toddlers and babies can all easily get up close and personal with the tiny, elaborate homes inhabited by the fairies.

The fairy trail is accessible, fairy homes are easily spotted from the footpath, or in buildings – like the local library – with ramp access.

Two young brothers walking across foot bridge in Brunswick Heads

So, what does a fairy house look like?

Fairies are magical, earthy creatures so naturally their homes reflect that. Add in a dash of whimsy and some teeny tiny accessories and you’re in for some spectacular miniature architecture.

The fairy homes reflect the personality of the owners, and each one is unique.

A miniature lighthouse acting as a fairy house against a green grass background

Ashera’s Fairy Lighthouse


Little boy peering into tree to find fairy house Fairy House hidden in a tree

Freddy and Figgy Fairy have hidden their home well!


Little girl peers up tree into fairy houseMiniature fairy fire station hidden in a tree

Little boy standing at bottom of tree looking up to find a fairyFiery Fairy even had a fire truck hidden in the branches


Children squatting to see inside a fairy house in nature

The local Police Station was in the fairy action too!


Little boy and grandmother peeping into fairy house in a tree
Tiny fairy house hidden in tree Tiny fairy house hidden in tree

The tiny homes are a work of art


Tiny fairy house inside a beauty salon Tiny fairy house inside a beauty salon

Even fairies need a little pampering


Picture of building in Brunswick Heads - Brunswick picture House

World famous Cabaret Fairy, Miss Julianna Chookas also stays in town when she’s not on tour


Tiny fairy home inside a tree

A local ‘Fairy Godmother’ ensures the homes are well looked after and always have an inviting fresh flower display for the guests that drop by


Brunswick Heads library Fairy home on shelf in library

Brunswick Head’s colourful library makes a very inviting home for fairies.


You can add to the magic in the fairy glade

Visitors are encouraged to build their own (environmentally friendly) fairy homes and gifts which can be left in the beautiful glade where you’ll find the house that Melaleuca Fairy made. It’s one of the prettiest parts of the trail and the kids really enjoyed looking at the creations that other children had left behind.

The shady glade is the perfect spot to really take in the magic of the Brunswick Heads Fairy Trail


Top Tips:

  • The Fairy Trail can be done in an hour or so, but if you have the time, plan for a longer stay to really take in all of the beautiful stores and cafes that Brunswick Heads has on offer.
  • Pack a towel and swimmers. We were envious of the families frolicking in the crystal clear river, if you have time in the day you can take a quick dip near the glade or by the Lighthouse Fairie’s watchful eye on the sea.
  • If you are taking something to leave in the glade, remember the environment. Think wood, clay, ceramics and anything found in nature. Forget plastic – there’s a chance it could wash into the river.
  • The Fairy Trail is free to enjoy, however a small donation can be made at Clem’s Cargo to help with the loving maintenance of the fairy homes.
  • If you post your photos on Brunzfairies Facebook page, you might even get a message back fro the fairies themselves.

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