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Family Friendly Bike Riding in Galleon Park

It is just me or do kids have an abnormally large number of wheeled apparatus available to them? They could ride a bike, scooter, ripstik, skateboard, balance bike, trike, motorised bike, self-propelling scooter, hover boards, 3-wheel scooter … to name a few.

Small child woth skateboard at Galleon Way Bike Park

Teaching Kids Bike & Riding Safety in the  Family Friendly Galleon Park

Once a child enters the world of moving at speed around our community they obviously need to know how to stay safe. A great place to begin and hone these skills is the ride safety park on Galleon Way in Currumbin Waters.

Just put 59 Galleon Way, Currumbin Waters into your Google Map app, pack your bike, brush up on your road rules and make your way down to this park.

Safe bike riding at Galleon Way Bike Park

What you’ll find at Galleon Park Family Friendly Ride Safely Course

The Galleon Park in Currumbin Waters boasts a number of options for visiting families. It would be easy to make a half day trip to the park as it’s equipped with barbecues, drinking fountain, picnic shelter, playground and enough grass for kids to burn off their energy.

Alongside these, the park boasts a riding safety course for young ones to practice some of the road rules and sharpen their skills on becoming aware of people and things around them when they are riding.

Father and child on boards at Galleon Way Bike Park Mother and child at Galleon Way Bike Park Father and child on bike track at Galleon Way Bike Park

The family friendly way to teach bike and riding safety

The Galleon Park has been setup for families to visit and expose kids to road markings, signs, pedestrian crossings and many other things while in the safety of a purpose build small mock road. Children are encouraged to charge around on any vehicle they want, brought from home and parents are provided the perfect setting in which to educate them on these rules.

The outdoor setting, lovely gardens and picnic area makes for a family friendly way to have fun and also learn a thing or two. For parents who need a brush up on some of the cycling requirements around the Gold Coast, please visit the Gold Coast City Council website for more information.

Bike safety sign at Galleon Way Bike Park

Safety signs at Galleon Way Bike Park

What’s on for families at Galleon Way Park

The family friendly Galleon Way Park is a smorgasbord of fun with plentiful options for kids and their families. From the large playground exhibiting a range of equipment for a range of ages, to the oval-like large grass fields that surround the park – this area has been built with kids and families in mind and it has a range of seating available so parents and grandparents can take a little breather while little ones are learning to coexist on the mock roads.

In conjunction to this, the park is a dog friendly spot so your hairiest child can come along as well.

Roundabout at Galleon Way Bike Park

Hot Tips for Galleon Way Park!

  • Plenty of free parking on Galleon Way at the entrance to the park
  • Covered picnic tables, BBQ and taps are available for families, making this a popular spot for kids birthday parties on the weekend
  • The flat, concrete mock roads allow kids to move quiet freely around the park on their bikes, but ensure they have the required protective gear on as that many unlicensed drivers in one place is bound to get crazy
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