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bachelor of secondary education
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Are you looking to compare the top universities that offer a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) in Brisbane?

Compare Bachelor of Education (Secondary) in Brisbane

A Bachelor of Education (Secondary) allows you the opportunity to become a qualified high school teacher in your chosen subject areas. Secondary teaching is a career which can lead into further advancements such as leadership or management roles within a school. It is an occupation suited to those with a passion for learning who want to make a positive impact on teenagers’ education journey.

It is recommended that you choose areas you are interested in teaching and those which you did well in at year 12 or equivalent.

Not sure which university degree is right for your teen? We have compared these Brisbane university courses offered by the top universities:

Bachelor of Justice Studies | Bachelor of MedicineBachelor of Science | Bachelor of Education (Primary) | Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) | Bachelor of Languages | Bachelor of Creative Industries | Bachelor of Midwifery | Bachelor of Arts | Bachelor of Law | Bachelor of Nursing  | Bachelor of Business Management | Bachelor of Electrical Engineering | Bachelor of Mechanical EngineeringBachelor of Business Marketing | Bachelor of Civil Engineering

In this article we compare all the top universities in Brisbane that offer a Bachelor of Education (Secondary).

Here’s all the info you, and your child, need to know.

University of Queensland

The University of Queensland only offers a Bachelor of Education (secondary) as a dual degree. To make sure you get both the teaching skills and the specialist subject knowledge you need to become an expert teacher, you will study the Bachelor of Education (Secondary) with one of the following:

  • Bachelors of Arts
  • Bachelors of Science
  • Bachelors of Music (Honours)
  • Bachelors of Mathematics
  • Bachelors of Business Management

Entry requirements and fees are dependent on the non-education degree chosen. The course generally takes 4 years full-time to complete.

Queensland University of Technology

The Bachelor of Education (Secondary) at QUT allows you to teach across all secondary years and gives you the qualifications to specialise in two teaching areas. You must have passed four semesters (Units 3 & 4, C) at an Australian high school level or equivalent:

  • English, or Literature, or English and Literature Extension, or English as an Additional Language (Units 3 & 4, C)
  • at least one of General Mathematics, or Mathematical Methods, or Specialist Mathematics (Units 3 & 4, C)

This course has an ATAR of 72. If you achieve an ATAR/selection rank of 75 or higher (including any adjustments) and satisfy all other admission requirements, you are guaranteed an offer for this course. Fees vary depending on the units chosen. In 2022, the annual fee for this course is $5,400. Head to the QUT website for more information.

Griffith University

The Griffith University Bachelor of Education prepares students to teach in primary or secondary settings. Students undertake a foundation first year and then undertake studies in either primary or secondary education from Year 1/Trimester 3. All Secondary Education degrees at Griffith University require sound achievement in:

  • English, English as an Additional Language, Literature or English & Literature Extension (Units 3&4, C)
  • General Mathematics or Mathematical Methods or Specialist Mathematics (Units 3&4, C)

The other prerequisites depend on the area you are choosing to specialise in. For example, Chemistry, Physics or Biology teaching requires that these subjects have been completed successfully at senior level. You can choose two areas to teach or one area and study a learning support specialisation which skills you in providing learning support across the curriculum to children with special needs. This line of study requires an ATAR of 70. Annual course fees in 2021 were $5,200.

Other Options

University of Southern Queensland and the Australian Catholic University also offer Secondary Education Degrees. ACU provides accreditation to teach in Religious Education in Catholic Schools, providing you successfully complete the Religious Education components of the course.

Extra Requirements

Bachelor of Education students must also satisfactorily complete the Queensland College of Teachers’ (QCT) Literacy and Numeracy assessment in order to meet the course and QCT accreditation requirements.

Worried about your ATAR Score?

If you’re concerned about your ATAR, there are bridging courses available and special entry options.  A great option for students hoping to become high school teachers is to start in a degree in their chosen field.  Arts and Creative Industries degrees, some Bachelor of Science options, and some Language Degrees have lower entry criteria than secondary teaching.  You can jump-start your teaching degree by undertaking studies in your specialty teaching fields.  Talk to your university of choice about options.

Find out when your university of choice is having their University Open Day here.

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