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Apartment Hotel MIMARU - Tokyo Hatchobori
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Families Magazine – writer, Amanda, her husband and two children aged 9 & 10 stayed as guests at the Apartment Hotel MIMARU – Tokyo Hatchobori in February 2020.

If you are looking for a perfect overseas getaway for you and your kids, the Apartment Hotel MIMARU should be added to your list of favourites. These excellent apartment hotels can be found across nine locations in Tokyo and six in Kyoto, all close to train stations making them an excellent base for sight-seeing.

With modern, Japanese-feel family rooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a relaxing living space in each room, this apartment hotel is the perfect choice for families who like to mix eating out and sightseeing with eating in, family time and regrouping.

We loved it and we think you will too – check out our article that will list the reasons why we think this is a great family hotel in Tokyo, Japan.

Where is the Apartment Hotel MIMARU – Tokyo Hatchobori?

Located in Hatchobori, Tokyo, the hotel is located a five minute walk from Hatchobori station.

Address: 3 Chome-8-8 Nihonbashikayabacho, Chuo City, Tokyo 103-0025, Japan

Tel: +81 3-6661-9211

For the locations of all their hotels across Tokyo and Kyoto, see their website here.

How to get to the hotel


The best way to get around in Japan is via train.

If you are coming from Tokyo airport the above directions will help. The hotel is actually closer to Haneda Airport if you are travelling from there!

From Tokyo station, you can catch a train on the JR Keiyo Line. You only need to go one stop to get to Hatchobori station. With a JR Rail Pass, this train trip will be free. If you do not have a JR Rail Pass, the trip will cost you 136 Yen (about $1.85 AU).

A taxi/Uber from Tokyo station, would take about 5 to 10 minutes and cost you anywhere between 800 to 1100 yen ($11 to $15 AU). However if you were to get stuck in traffic this would increase the cost. It is easier and cheaper to take the train.

On our last morning in Tokyo, we walked from our hotel to Tokyo station to get a bus to the Narita airport. It took our family of four 16 minutes to walk, and that was all loaded up with our luggage.

If you wanted to skip figuring out the trains, you could simply walk to this hotel once you arrive at Tokyo station.

Why is this the best family hotel in Tokyo?

This hotel has really nailed it when it comes to creating a comforting ‘home away from home’ environment for families. They have really considered what families want and need on holiday… yes they want to be surrounded by great places to eat and close to the action, and they also want a safe, relaxing and big space to spend time in while connecting with each other and getting some much needed down time.

From the moment we entered this hotel we felt relaxed and cared for, and the English-speaking staff at reception took care of our every need. Here’s what we particularly liked:

Family Rooms – perfect for all types of families

We were really blown away by our family suite… the size and the inclusions …

These rooms have been designed specifically for families, and you can choose whether you would like a Japanese style or Western room, with either bunk beds, loft beds, or sofa beds. We chose the bunk beds for our children, who are 9 and 10, and they loved them. Underneath the bunk beds was the master queen size bed which is on the floor, futon style, but with a wonderfully thick mattress that meant it was incredibly comfortable.

Apartment Hotel MIMARU - Tokyo Hatchobori

Due to the clever design of the room there is a lot of space, something often sorely lacking in Japan. We had ample space to put all our things and a nice little hidey-hole section meant we could put it away and retain that lovely clean room feeling. Across from the beds sat a spacious dining table with two bench seats/mini couches lining two sides, and a stool tucked discreetly underneath.

This meant that five people could easily sit around our table. Our room easily accommodated the four of us, and standard rooms can fit between 4 to 6 people, with interconnected rooms accommodating groups of up to 10 people. 

WIFI and free smart phone

The hotel offers an excellent range of amenities for families. There is complimentary wifi internet and a large TV, with a remote where the words on the buttons are in English. It may sound like a simple thing, but trying to figure out what Japanese symbols on a remote mean, while children are pestering you to get the tele on asap, can do your head in!

Something else we found incredibly useful was the free smart phone we were encouraged to use during our stay. Being connected to the internet, the kids used this phone to play games, while we parents took it outside and used it to help navigate around, and make domestic and international calls for free! You read that right, this hotel gives you a smart phone to use during your stay for free.

Often when you travel it takes time to figure out how to get a local SIM card and get your own phone up and running. Having the option of a free smart phone from the moment you arrive is a brilliant idea thought up by someone who really understands the needs of travellers.

Free Rental Items

The check-in process was simple and quick, which all parents appreciate when traveling with their children. I wrote basic details onto their IPad form and signed on the dotted line, and was then presented with an A4 outline of the hotel key information.

I am always so grateful when hotels give you the key points clearly written down, as it can be hard to listen and focus while also keeping half an eye of what the kids are doing. Before sending us to our room, the receptionist explained that there were a range of ‘free rental items’ that were available should we desire any.

Looking at the list she provided me with I immediately spotted the toaster. On commenting that we’d definitely love a toaster, one was immediately presented to me. There is an excellent amount of items available for you to ‘freely rent’ during your stay, including a rice cooker (that set my husband’s heart a-flutter), an iron and ironing board, a bed guard, bedwetting protection, extra blankets, a power adapter, charging cables and extension cords.

Being able to communicate with English speaking receptionists as to our needs made the check-in process super smooth and easy. In addition, they have slippers, hairbrushes, cotton buds, tea, sugar and creamer that you can collect from the front desk at any time.

A fully-equipped kitchen

On entering the family room we were thrilled to see a fully-equipped kitchen. My husband loves to cook and he always combines eating out while on holiday with trying his hand at making some of the local specialities. Our kitchen had a double door refrigerator (fridge and freezer), microwave, kettle and induction stove top.

To my husband’s delight there was a range of pots and pans and a good mix of cooking and eating utensils. He cooked dinner on two separate occasions and we made breakfast every single day, and the kitchen was perfect for this.

Modern facilities

I always love when we stay somewhere new and my husband announces how fantastic the shower is. He’s fussy about shower quality, so if it passes his test I know it’s going to be great. The bathroom in our room was excellent with a sink and mirror where underneath towels, wash cloths and bath mats are stored, along with cups, face and hand foam, a hair dryer, and a portable shaving mirror. There is also a small stool which is very handy if you have little kids, as they can use it to see themselves in the mirror while teeth brushing.

After opening another door, we saw the shower section and a lovely big bath beside it. We were very happy to see a bath; one big enough that my husband and I could share it. The kids of course got to use it before we did and they had a great time playing in there.

A clever idea that I really liked is that the door into the shower section has hanging rails on the sink side, so you can easily hang your towel there without it getting wet while you shower, and reach for it easily when you are ready for it. I really did love the bathroom set up at this hotel. It was comfortable, stylish, spacious and easy to use.

 Completely separate from the bathroom was the toilet. Like most toilets in Japan, it was a fancy one with bidet and seat warming. There is nothing nicer on a cold day than a warm toilet seat. I fell a bit in love with the toilets in Japan as well!

… More modern facilities 

I was particularly impressed with the number of power points and charging areas in the room. There were power points everywhere we wanted them to be, including next to the dining table which allowed us to use that as a ‘research’ space when we weren’t eating meals. We had charging areas near all our beds and at a side wall.

Our room also had a large air conditioning/heating unit and we had at least 15 coat hangers and a drying ‘hanger’ that would have allowed us to dry socks and underwear if the need arose.

The hotel does have a coin laundry mat on the second floor where you can wash and dry your clothes.

Eating options at/near the hotel

There are loads of places to eat all around this hotel. While there are many excellent Japanese options available, we also found an Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and sandwich bar within a five minute walk. I think our favorite places however were the Italian restaurant (amazing pizza for only 500 yen – about $7.50 AU). We also loved the Japanese curry place, and the cheap and cheerful udon restaurant that is literally 30 steps away from the hotel’s front door.

We found the prices of food at Hatchobori to be cheaper than other places in Tokyo and when you are paying for four to eat, that is definitely appreciated.

Self catering options

If you want to save even more money you can buy groceries and do your own cooking. We did this for all our breakfasts and a couple of dinners. The kitchen at the hotel was perfectly equipped for this. We found two grocery stores within a five minute walk. In one we found everything we needed – bread, butter, vegetables, meat, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, rice, and noodles.

There is also a chemist within a five minute walk and three convenience stores; a 7 Eleven, Family Mart, and Lawsons. Everything you could ever possibly need is found within these stores, including fantastic Japanese pre-prepared meals (bento boxes, katsu dons, sushi etc) for much cheaper than you would pay in any restaurant.

We were well fed at an acceptable price in Hatchobori whether we cooked ourselves, ate at a restaurant, or bought pre-prepared meals from the Lawsons (our favorite choice of the convenience stores).

Attractions near the hotel

After arriving at the hotel we took a stroll around the local area. We walked for 10 minutes on the main street and found the river with a nice spot to sit and watch the world go by. The walk from the hotel to the train station was lovely passing little lanes with continual restaurants and interesting sculptures.

Hatchobori station is a 5 minute walk from the hotel. Trains arrive every few minutes so you don’t need to schedule your trips. You just wander down to the station and jump on the next train. You can take the train to many nearby attractions including:

  • The ancient Buddhist Sensō-ji temple in Asakusa: 19 minutes by train
  • Ueno Park: 26 minutes by train
  • The Tokyo Metropolitan Building for (free) views of Tokyo in Shinjuku: 30 minutes by train
  • The famous Shibuya crossing: 37 minutes by train
  • TeamLab Borderless in Aomi: 45 minutes by train
  • TeamLab Planets in Toyosu: 30 minutes by train

Apartment Hotel MIMARU – Tokyo Hatchobori

This is easily one of the best family friendly hotels in Tokyo. I like that it has a well equipped kitchen and English speaking staff who want to ensure you have an excellent stay. The staff gave us ideas for things to see and do in the area. Posted around the hotel were suggestions for current events that guests could participate in. We felt welcome and cared for here.

Our spacious apartment was the perfect place to come home to at the end of each sightseeing filled day. Letting the kids soak in the big bath while we relaxed or made dinner kept us feeling calm and connected. When doing your research on the best hotel for families in Tokyo, I guarantee you this hotel will come up over and over again! If you stay, let us know your thoughts too!

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