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All Saints Catholic Primary School | Albany Creek Parent Fact Sheet

Are you looking for information about All Saints Catholic Primary School in Albany Creek?

Number of Students:


Kind of School:

Religious (Catholic)

Why Choose All Saints Primary School?

All Saints School caters for Prep to Year 7, and is dedicated to the holistic development of students. The school celebrates the Catholic faith and strives to create a learning environment where students are accepted, encouraged, forgiven and inspired to achieve a balanced life.

Faith, learning and compassion are the cornerstones of the school’s philosophy in which students are encouraged to ‘Walk in Love’.

Some other highlights of what they offer:

  • Highly regarded music and sport program
  • Well developed literacy program
  • State of the art resource centre, containing two computer labs
  • Classroom based laptops, iPods and iPads
  • Airconditioned classrooms
  • Interactive whiteboards in every room
  • A community focused school with many opportunities for parental involvement.

Curriculum and Extracurricular activities offered:

All Saints’ curriculum includes English, Mathematics, Science, History, Health and Physical Education, The Arts, Cultural Literacy and Languages, and Religious Education. Through the Cultural Literaces and Languages subject, students in Years 5-7 learn Japanese.

The school has extensive musical opportunities, with a full-time music teacher taking classes from Prep to Year 7. Students attend a music camp, join in choral days with other schools, and take part in the Catholic Colleges Music Festival.

From Year 3, students can undertake tuition in strings, brass, woodwind and percussion. The choral program starts in Year 4. Students can join the Junior and Senior Choirs, Boys Choir, Junior and Senior Band, Jazz Band, and String Ensemble. There’s also a Chamber Choir for auditioned singers from Years 5-7,

All children at All Saints take part in a swimming program at the Albany Creek Leisure Centre. From Prep to Year 4, students learn to swim and are given stroke correction. In Year 5 this extends to life-saving skills, and in Years 6 and 7, students also learn flipper ball and water aerobics.

Facilities at All Saints Catholic Primary School:

All Saints is committed to the integration of technology within learning areas, in line with the general capabilities of the Australian Curriculum.  Students have access to both the PC and Mac platforms, with iPads a combination of labs and laptop trolleys within classrooms.

4 Faheys Rd E, Albany Creek,
Queensland Australia

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