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Activate Entertainment

Activate Entertainment is a local business bringing advances in technology to the forefront of our minds, but especially our children’s minds. Helping them become more aware of the power and wonder that current mobile technology can provide. We at Families Magazine – Brisbane have had a chance to really get into what Activate Entertainment is all about! Activate Entertainment has this to say for themselves.

Activate Entertainment

“Activate Entertainment takes media arts for the young (and the young at heart) and flips it on its head. Using the latest in portable, wireless technology we introduce a new form of content creation for the next generation in ways that awaken the mind and excite the imagination.”

Their ‘Filmmaking for everyone’ slogan is very accurate, as participating in their workshops is something everyone can do! Using iPad’s rigged with a specific set of extra hardware and software, kids can learn how to make their own movies and movie trailers quickly and intuitively! In this workshop we created a Super power based short film, but other resources are available for use too! For example, you can fight dragons, run from trolls, battle a demon, be targeted by small fighter drones or large robots with guns, be abducted by a UFO or be swept away by a flash flood! There are many more effects that are available, far too many to list here!

Activate Entertainment
An iPad with a custom case that is easy to hold in hands. Plus rear facing microphone and flash unit.

Using the iPad and equipment, we marched around the North Lakes Library shooting our own adventure, or rather, MISadventure! Our Master 7 spent 2 hours in a small group session creating the masterpiece, and in just that small time the short film was planned, choreographed, filmed and edited!

You can watch our Review of Activate Entertainment below, plus you can view Master 7’s final product of the workshop as a bonus at the end of the Review. Remember to check out our other Reviews of family friendly destinations for more #FamiliesMagFun!

If you want to know more about the services Activate Entertainment has to offer, then head over to their website! 

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