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4WD Hire for Brisbane Families to Get You Back to Nature


A real camping and fishing holiday adventure is the stuff that childhood school holiday dreams are made of. It’s the kind of rite of passage that many of us experienced when we were young, but that today’s children sadly often miss out on.

With the availability of 4WD hire Brisbane vehicles, this long-held dream can now be a reality for Brisbane parents who are longing to claim back a little of their own childhood for the next generation.

The Importance of Going Bush

It’s the simple life.

It’s the ability to turn off the clocks, timers, phones and devices and follow wherever the road may lead. It’s putting up tents and having them collapse down again, covering your children in giggles as well as material. It’s traipsing down bush tracks, fishing rods in hand, to find the perfect spot poised above a babbling brook. It’s everyone freezing to get a look at approaching wildlife – holding their breath as a wallaby inches closer and closer, only to dart away when someone steps on a twig.

It’s cold mornings spent zipping yourself back into the sleeping bag, trying to catch a little more shut eye before the sun sneaks into the tent. It’s snuggling together in front of a camp fire, marshmallows on sticks at the ready, and scaring yourselves silly with the tallest of tales.

It’s being together and finding yourself again after losing each other in the busyness of every day city life.

4WD off the beaten track

4WD Camping in Queensland

Taking a vehicle and heading bush opens up a world of camping and fishing possibilities. It affords you the luxury of choice. You can camp on the beach, in national parks and on Stradbroke island. You can explore the beauty and wonder of South East Queensland by following tracks that you would not have been able to take in your usual mode of transport. You’re off road and the adventurous spirit infects your children so much that they stop asking for the iPad and start asking where to next.

The ability to navigate terrain in a 4WD adds excitement to your camping adventure. Having real control over a capable vehicle will show you a different, wilder side of South East Queensland’s camping hotspots than you’ve ever seen before. This is Aussie holidaying at it’s very best and it’s the kind of experience that will be looked back on with great fondness for years to come.

They say that kids will never look back and remember their best day of watching television. Chances are, however, that when they look back on their childhood that this will be the kind of trip they’ll remember forever.

Nighttime campfire

A Connection with Nature

Forging a connection with, and an appreciation of, nature is of the upmost importance for our children. It allows children to take the opportunity to be peaceful, to be grateful, and to reflect.

In a time when sustainability and environmentalism are popular issues like never before, allowing children to have immersive natural experiences like proper 4WD camping means that they can put this learning into context. They can see the beautiful forests, beaches, coves and fields that we are working so hard to protect.

They can camp on the beach and listen to the waves crashing against the rocks as they drift off to sleep. They can be awakened by the chorus of one thousand native birds and they can gaze with wonder at the millions of stars they would never be able to see in their garden in the city.

Connection with Each Other

In a world ruled by alarm clocks and iPads, family time has never been as tenuous. There is simply very little opportunity to switch off from everything else and connect in with your little family unit.

4WD adventures offer the opportunity to really get to know each other again. Be it silly board games, long talks while walking down a bush track or the thrill of bouncing about in the back of a 4WD as it thunders over terrain, these holidays are a time for the family to become whole again.

The bickering of sibling arguments fades like a distant memory as your children re-discover just how fun their in-built playmates truly can be.

It’s enough to make you want to get out there right now, isn’t it?

Fleetcrew 4WD Beach Fishing

4WD Hire Brisbane

Brisbane families are lucky enough to be able to hire recreational 4WD’s from FleetCrew. These incredible vehicles not only go everywhere, including on sand, but they also come with the ability to be customised for your family’s preferences.

There is a range of vehicles carefully chosen to suit the needs of most families and they’re also equipped with towing capabilities – so you can take your caravan or camping trailer!

What are you waiting for? Now’s the time to make those precious memories with your children and ensure that they do not miss this essential South East Queensland rite of passage. Find your perfect 4WD to hire in Brisbane from Fleetcrew right now!

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