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18th Birthday Party Venues Brisbane

If you’re searching for 18th Birthday Party Venues Brisbane, stop RIGHT there! We’ve thought outside the box and come up with a variety of suggestions that will definitely make a change from the same old hall hire or bar crawl. Get ready to plan an 18th birthday party that’s going to go down in history for all the right reasons!

18th Birthday Party Venues Brisbane

Birthday celebrations for teenagers are a tricky affair, and none more so than their coming-of-age 18th birthday. You only get one chance to celebrate your 18th so the party has got to be fun and exciting, highly memorable, and find a balance that includes all their friends; male and female, older and not yet legally adult.

Sure you can have the beers-in-the-backyard and barbie kind of celebration, but you can do that any year. This is your child’s first birthday party as an adult so if you want to score cool-parent kudos points with your 18 year old, take a look at some of these ideas.

Families Tip: Let them choose the guest list (see beers-in-the-backyard and barbie suggestion for a separate family party) and leave the major celebration to their friends, but be on-hand to guide your new adult through the organising process and legal requirements for any guests under 18 years old.

Paint Ball options

It’s sporty, active, fun, exciting and engaging. Sure, it might come with the occasional bruise (I know from experience!) but a paintball party is a party to remember.

The minimum age to play paintball in Queensland is 15, but if you have younger party guests some venues offer laser skirmish as an alternative.

Paintball (or Skirmish as it’s otherwise known) might be seen as more of a boy thing, but it’s great fun for adventurous teenage girls too. Here’s our list of favourite Brisbane Paintball venues for birthday parties.

Delta Force Paintball, Petrie

Delta Force Paintball Petrie knows what gamers love, and has created a number of immersive movie-set quality game zones throughout their compound. There’s a 30ft Egyptian Pyramid for the Tomb Raider fans, a full scale “Black Hawk Down” Black Hawk Chopper, and other zones suited to fans of Tropic Thunder, Resident Evil and Speedball. For a fully authentic “shoot-‘em-up” style paintball experience, Delta Force has you covered! Snack kiosk onsite too.

Find out more here.

Skirmish Samford Paintball

Skirmish Samford Paintball covers a huge area of interactive battle zones with real military vehicles, forts, bunkers, jungle and urban terrains, plus the amazing Battle Bunker which has a secret the attackers must unlock to defeat the defenders.

For more details about Skirmish Samford Paintball, click here.

Spec Ops Paintball, Brisbane

Located in Red Hill, right in the Brisbane CBD, Spec Ops Paintball is an all-weather indoor paintball compound with sound and lighting effects to create any urban-based scenario. The “field operators” at Spec Ops Paintball have all served in the Australian Defence Force so they know what it takes to create an authentic military mission experience.

Find out more here.

Paintball and skirmish in the Toowoomba Region

Are you outside the Brisbane area? Check out our list of Paintball and Skirmish venues in Toowoomba. Click here.
18th birthday party venues brisbane paintball

Escape Rooms

An Escape Room is the ultimate themed birthday party experience where you and your guests are locked in a room and must solve all the clues to facilitate your escape before time runs out. It’s intensive, thought-provoking, and ideal fun for any teenagers looking for a challenge. Rooms vary from puzzles, to murder-mystery, and 18+ horror, so there’s bound to be an Escape Room to suit your birthday party theme. Most rooms are capped at six participants but there’s no reason why multiple rooms can’t be booked for larger parties, and some venues have catering onsite or close by. For an eighteenth birthday with a difference, Escape Rooms are great fun!

Escape Rooms are so BIG right now that we’ve dedicated a whole article to them. Find out more here.

18th birthday party venues brisbane escape rooms

Strike Bowling Bar

You might wonder why we’re suggesting this one particular bowling bar, but Strike Bowling Bar is no ordinary party destination. Strike Bowling Bar, in the Wintergarden Complex of Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall, offers 12 lanes of bowling PLUS laser tag, private karaoke rooms, pool tables and three themed escape rooms. You can incorporate every available option here to have the most epic 18th birthday party, with numerous catering options onsite and a cocktail bar for party guests already over 18 years old.

To plan your epic eighteenth birthday party at Strike Bowling Bar, click here.

Go karting party

Again you might think this one gender biased towards boys, but don’t be swayed by stereotypes – girls love to race too! There’s something so thrilling about feeling the wind whip past as you slide round the bends at speed, and you don’t even need to have passed your driving test!

Slideways Go Karting, Brisbane and Gold Coast

Set over multiple levels with 425m of track (Brisbane) or 475m of track (Gold Coast), these indoor go karting centres have all the thrills you’re looking for. If you have ten or more in your party you get the track all to yourselves at a special package price, and they have a number of catering options or a free BBQ if you want to DIY.

Find out more about Slideways Go Karting Brisbane here, or Slideways Go Karting Gold Coast here.

Kingston Park Raceway

There are two outdoor tracks for adults and older teens to choose from at Kingston Park Raceway: the 1100m Le Mans Track and the 605m Monte Carlo Track, both equipped with the latest race timing and diagnostic technology so there’s no disputing the winner! Catering options include the Trackside Café and numerous BBQ and picnic areas.

More Kingston Park Raceway details can be found here. 

18th birthday party venues Brisbane

Sure, you could rent a function room and have dinner and drinks but why not explore your options? We hope we’ve inspired you with these fun and different suggestions, but if you’ve got any cool ideas to share let us know in the comments!

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